Things to do in Guadalajara

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Visiting Guadalajara Mexico, the land of Pancho Villa and tequila, makes one realize that the city has a very proud and ancient history and features many Guadalajara things to do within this region. Naturally when you are traveling around Guadalajara, you would want to know all about the things to do, which is going to make your holiday in this land of sun very memorable.

Mexico’s Largest Zoo

Visit Mexico's largest zoo with more than 1500 animals and birds. You can either walk or take a tram to visit this tourist spot. This is one of the most active tourist locations of Guadalajara. After that, visit the Magic Jungle, which is a theme park for children aged from 6 to 60 and more. This park features 35 different rides to enjoy, one of which is the roller coaster.

Are you interested in the stars? Visit the planetarium, which is the center of science and technology for Guadalajara. Not only are you going to receive plenty of interesting information on science, astronomy and space, but you are also going to see exhibits on airplanes.

Walking Tours of Guadalajara

There are plenty of walking tours which you can locate on the maps available from the tourism office of Guadalajara. All you have to do is look for the most preferable historic centers tours that will feature all of the historic spots in Guadalajara. This is perhaps one of the most important Guadalajara things to do. Visit all the theaters, museums and churches in Guadalajara for the best experience available.

Entertainment of Music

You might also want to enjoy the music of the mariachis and open-air concerts especially those taking place on Tuesday Thursday and Sunday at 6:30 p.m. The state band of Jalisco is usually featured around this time of day and is certainly entertaining to enjoy.

Water Parks of Guadalajara

Do you consider yourself a water baby but do not want to bathe in the sea? You can visit the water parks for soaking, swimming and sliding, in Guadalajara.

Tequila Express

Ah tequila! Want to spend your Saturday on the Tequila Express? Enjoy song, dance, and drinking tequila on this tour that takes you around scenic locations near Guadalajara.

Art and Culture

Enjoy a little bit of art and culture? Visit the folklore ballet held at the Teatro Degollado every Sunday at 10 a.m. Perhaps you might want to enjoy a symphony, at the same theater on Friday or Sunday.

Bull Fighting

One of the Guadalajara things to do is visiting a bull fight and cheering for the bull at the Plaza Nuevo Progreso.

Enjoy your visit to Guadalajara with these Guadalajara things to do that tourists should not miss!

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