Ecatepec de Morelos Travel Guide

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Ecatepec de Morelos is principally an industrial Zone with transnational enterprises like Bayer, kraft foods, chrysler,unilever, jumex, coca cola, pepsi, etc. but its the heart of all traditional culture places, for example its located at only 30 minutes of the pyramides of TEOTIHUACAN, very frecuented and visited for international tourism and recognized by the SUN and MOON pyramids, here you can find a lot of typical and delicious mexican food, like classical mexican TACOS (a kind of burritos but much more delicious, I'm serious) ELOTES, CARNITAS, MIXIOTES, what I could say about, mexican food in my opinion is the better in the world.

One tip, for bussiness visitors, Ecatepec de Morelos must be considerated a very important bussiness place, usually foreign people takes part in english education into schoolar sector by the greatest payments ranges and for the tourist its a place of connection with all marvelous antiques mexican cultures.

Finally, Ecatepec De Morelos is near (about 40 minutes) of Mexico's International airport and  from there you can fly to others greatest sites like cancun, acapulco, tijuana, monterrey, puerto vallarte without scales in direct flY.
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