Cuernavaca Travel Guide

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For $12-13 U.S., you can take a roughly 1 3/4 hr bus ride directly from Mexico City Airport to Cuernavaca, the summer home of emporer Maximilian. The buses are deluxe class with "in-flight" movies (English with Spanish subtitles, as often as not), a bathroom, stewardess, and snacks.

Also called "The City of Eternal Spring," Cuernavaca has great weather year-round. In addition to the vacation homes of the Mexico city elite, it is known as having Mexico's best immersion schools for those who want to learn Spanish. You typically go to class roughly half the day, and board with a local family (room + board in 2010 = $29-35/day/person) with whom you can practice what you've learned. Our family went to Instituto Chac-mool and had a terrific time. The school had separate classes for adults, teens and kids and offered other things like Mexican cooking and sightseeing excursions. (See their website, and others, for details.)

Cuernavaca is also a relatively short trip to many archeological sites, and to places like Mexico City and Taxco (a silver mining town). There are many spas, swimming pools and natural water parks in the area.

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