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Tomb Of The High Priest/ The Ossuary

Tomb Of The High Priest/ The Ossuary


Chichen Itza has one of the most spectacular Maya temples in Mexico, second in the world only to the one in Tikal in Guatemala . It is a very impressive sight and even more impressive if you dream away and think about all the rituals that were performed on the top of that temple by Maya priests.

The site is just a few short hours from Akumal. Chichen Itza is one of the largest ancient Mayan cities in the north-central Yucatan. The first large- scale archaeologial investigations began in 1924 and were conducted for 20 years by the Carnegie Institution. Chichen Itza means "opening of the wells of the Itza". Chichen Itza has many elaborate structures, the most impressive being "El Castillo", the Great Ball Court, Temple of the Warriors and The Caracol. Plan to spend the day at this site. Wear your hiking boots and go early in the morning, as it can get very hot and humid later in the day.

Climbing the Great Pyramid of Kulkulkan or El Castillo, is no longer allowed. Neither is climbing up the Temple of the Warriors. The route into the smaller pyramid inside the Great Pyramid is also closed.

Many visitors choose to visit the site as a day-trip from either Merida or Cancun, but this leaves little time to explore the ruins. Also, it means arriving at the hottest part of the day. The trick is to overnight at one of the hotels near the ruins, which means that you get the ruins almost to yourself in the morning!


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