When to Go in Cancun

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When spring break hits, Cancun is definitely at the top of any university student's list of places to be. If you happen to be in the age bracket, or even just the mentality, then it's a fair bet that you'll be planning your trip around many universities' mid-semester breaks. But if you're considering the trip to Cancun for reasons that don't revolve around never ending parties, there are a few factors to consider.


The temperature in Cancun doesn't fluctuate too much throughout the year, with lows never dropping below 60 degrees F and highs rarely going above 90 degrees F. The seasons that you have to plan around don't deal with temperatures, but with precipitation.

  • Dry Season lasts from December through April and sees very little rainfall, as you might expect. The temperatures are still a bit cooler, but you're not going to want to forget your sunscreen as the sun rarely has clouds to hide behind. For divers, this is the best time to visit. The calmer weather makes for calmer waters, and therefore a much higher visibility rate.
  • Wet Season takes over in April and lasts through November. You'll still get plenty of dry, sunny days, especially in July and August. The temperatures are usually at their high point during this time, as well. Even when the rain does take over, it's often sunny in the morning with showers in the afternoon, so you're still sure to get a bit of beach time in.
  • Hurricane Season is something to watch out for. It coincides with the wet season, lasting from June through October. September is probably the worst time of year for hurricanes, but you'll have to keep an ear open for warnings if you're here at any time during the season.


Spring break is probably the biggest tourist season for Cancun and will have the most crowds. It's probably not the best time to travel to Cancun with young children, but is arguably the best time to travel with your college roommates. But, regardless of who you're traveling with, you should keep the tourism seasons in mind.

  • High Season coincides with Cancun's dry season, as you might imagine. The peak times, though, are definitely over Christmas week and Easter week. There are fantastic celebrations that are worth seeing, but make sure you book well in advance or you're likely to find yourself sleeping on the streets.
  • Low Season naturally occurs during the wet season, as most visitors in Cancun are looking for the sand and surf. However, if you travel between April and December, you're likely to pay between 20 and 50 percent less than during the high season. Just keep in mind that during typical summer school holidays prices go up a bit and vacancies go down.

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