Top 5 Must Do's in Cancun

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With so many things to see, do and experience, choosing the 5 ultimate Cancun Must Dos is no easy task. With pristine beaches, excellent restaurants, buzzing nightlife, a rich history and colorful local culture, a holiday in Cancun comes with a cast-iron guarantee that you will not be bored. The main problem can be knowing just where to start - with this in mind, here's our guide to the absolutely unmissable experiences in Cancun.

Hit the Beach

Cool white sands washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean have  made Cancun's beaches famous the world over. From family friendly beaches with water calm enough for swimming, to packed party beaches where water sports are the order of the day via secluded little spits of'll find them all here.

Visit the Cenotes

This stunning network of underground caves and caverns makes  for an unforgettable experience. Swim in  pure blue underground lakes and rivers and just take in the sheer natural beauty of the caverns, many of which are located within a couple of hours' drive of Cancun, in Tulum.  Bring snorkel equipment for some real underwater adventures.

Visit the Nature Reserves

The tropical flora and fauna of the Yucatan Peninsula are simply breathtaking, and there are several excellent nature reserves to be found within easy reach of Cancun, including the third largest biosphere reserve in Mexico, bird sanctuaries filled with stunningly-plumed creatures and a refuge for the endearing native spider monkeys.

Sample the Nightlife

Cancun nightlife is almost as famous as its beaches, and with good reason. There are more clubs and bars here than you could possibly imagine - ranging from vast discotheques with laser light shows to unpretentious neighborhood spots that attract a lively crowd of locals, it's all here to be enjoyed. Those who really like to party can take part in organized bar-hopping tours, finishing the night at 1 of the many nightclubs offering all-you-can-drink for a fixed entry price.

ry the Local Cuisine

The cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula is absolutely delicious, taking in Mayan and European influences as well as traditional Mexican flavors. Even travelers on the tightest of budgets can try local specialties such as Panuchos - fried corn tortillas filled with beans, chicken, and salad, while the seriously sophisticated restaurant scene means that there's plenty of opportunity for fine dining, too.

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