Shopping in Cancun

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Cancun shopping offers visitors plenty of opportunities to purchase souvenirs and other items.

Hotel Zone Shopping

Within the hotel zone itself there are many places to pick up souvenirs. There will be a gift shop right within your hotel, so you don't have to leave the property to pick up a little something. Right in the center of the zone is a flea market that offers its tourists a chance to barter for local goods, souvenirs, and local artisan items. Another great option is one of the malls available in the hotel zone: Kukulcan Plaza, La Isla, Plaza Flamingo, and Plaza La Fiesta. Kukulcan offers its visitors high end shopping, and includes designer clothes, accessories and jewelery. La Isla offers moderately priced goods and delicious restaurants. La Isla is a beautiful plaza that follows a man made river around local shops and restaurants, and even includes its own aquarium. While at La Isla try the Indian restaurant, which is one of the premier restaurants in Cancun. Plaza Flamingo and Plaza La Fiesta are two other indoor venues which offer moderately priced souvenirs, beach apparel, other clothing and more.

Indoor Malls

Outside of the hotel zone, Cancun shopping offers plenty of places downtown. If you head downtown to the center you will find the most affordable shopping options. Plaza Las Americas is a giant indoor mall that consists of a food court, and plenty of upscale shopping at reasonable prices. Another indoor mall in downtown Cancun is Paseo Cancun, and it offers a food court, sit down restaurants, fine boutique stores, cinema, and more. Although this mall is more geared towards the locals it will give you a great idea of the local culture and people.

Outdoor Strip Plaza

These types of plazas are located all over downtown Cancun and provide the most affordable shopping items while giving its visitors a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and the wonderful weather that Cancun has to offer. The various outdoor venues located in the center are easy to find; simply walk in any direction and you will find one. This is a great opportunity to pick up great local artisan items, Mexican style home decor items, affordable clothing, and more. Bring pesos as these markets may or may not accept pesos, and if they accept dollars it won't be the best exchange rate.

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