Senior Travel in Cancun

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Cancun Senior Travel is increasingly popular, as travelers of all ages seek to sample the tropical delights of this Caribbean hotspot. Cancun may be associated with wild college parties and hordes of hedonistic young people, but you don't need to be under 25 to have a great time here. With countless tropical beaches, an excellent dining scene, fascinating historic sites and stunning flora and fauna, there is plenty here for older travelers to enjoy.

Accommodation for Senior Travelers

Cancun's accommodations are divided between Ciudad Cancun on the mainland, and the Zona Hotelara on a beach-speckled island, and it's in the latter destination that most senior visitors to Cancun will want to make their base. Ciudad Cancun is home to endless bargain accommodation options for backpackers and university students, but the plush Zona Hotelara is the place for upscale hotels and holiday apartments with all modern comforts. The Zona Hotelara is also the home of Cancun's famous palm-fringed beaches, so you won't have far to travel in order to top up your tan. Note that, as many hotels cater to a party-loving crowd, you should do some research in advance into the type of holidaymaker your chosen hotel attracts - if you're looking for a peaceful getaway you won't want to be holed up with masses of hard-drinking 21-year-olds!

Things to Do for Senior Travelers

Most visitors to Cancun head straight for the beaches, and with very good reason. There are over 20 km to choose from, and not all of them are packed with students on Spring Break or families with squealing children. The busiest of the beaches are located on the north side of the island - if you're looking for peace and quiet then be sure to avoid Playa Langosta and Playa Tortuga. There is much more elbow room to be found in the west of the island, at Playa Linda (which translates as 'Beautiful Beach'), among others, and also to the south. Southern beaches such as Playa Delfines are well-equipped with beach bars and restaurants, vendors and so on, while lacking the raucous atmosphere of many of the northern beaches. Aside from the sands, Cancun is surrounded by many historical ruins and other sites of historic interest, as well as stunning networks of caverns and caves that are home to crystal clear natural pools. A wealth of nature reserves adds to the many things to do for senior travelers.

Eating and Drinking in Cancun

With so much fresh fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables to choose from, there's little chance of going hungry in Cancun. Senior travelers should avoid the brash restaurant bars that attract a rowdy crowd after dark (neon signage and over-enthusiastic door staff on commission are a dead giveaway), but there are plenty of other options - from simple and cheap local spots on the mainland to sleek, chic gourmet restaurants in the Zona Hotelera. Many senior visitors take advantage of 'all inclusive' holiday package offers, which include the price of meals and some drinks in the hotel in the overall price of your holiday. While this can be a simple, and often budget-friendly, option, it does rather take the fun out of finding your own favorite haunt, so consider the options well before selecting this type of deal.

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