Festivals in Cancun

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There are many Cancun festivals to attend while you are there, in fact something is happening every month.


El Dia de Los Reyes, loosely translated to mean the Three Kings day, is a day in early January celebrated by children in which they receive gifts from family and friends.
Annual Handline Barracuda Tournament takes place in late January, and offers fishing aficionados a chance to enter a competition where the goal is to catch the largest fish. It takes place in the canal between Cancun and neighboring island Isla Mujeres.


Dia de la Bandera de Mexico translated into English is Flag Day, and is on February 24th, every year. This day Mexicans and foreigners alike will fly the Mexican flag proudly, wear Mexican colors, eat traditional Mexican food from street vendors, and paint their faces in the official colors of Mexico, which are red, green and white.


March 21st is the anniversary of the birth of Benito Juárez's, one of Mexico's most famous presidents. The festivities include street festivals, entertainment, live Mexican music and street food vendors.


Semana Santa / Holy Week is a week in early April, around Easter. This is the holiest celebration on the Mexican calendar and is signified with church going and street processions.


Cinco de Mayo is May 5th, and is a celebration of the Mexican victory over the French in the battle of Puebla, a point of pride for many Mexicans. This occasion is celebrated by proudly wearing Mexican colors, eating traditional Mexican foods, and driving through the streets honking horns and waving flags.

Cancun International Gay Festival occurs every year in mid-May. This event is marked by a celebration of homosexuality, and is celebrated with processions, BBQ's, parties, live music and costumes.


Summer Solstice happens late June, and follows the calendar to take place on the longest day of the year. Most people head to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza to celebrate the event.


Mayan New Year is on July 16th, and marks the official start of the Mayan calendar. It is typically celebrated by families of Mayan decent and is celebrated with feasts.
Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen occurs mid July, and is a festival that happens all over the country. It is a religious holiday and is celebrated with multiple events around the city.


La Fiesta de Playa happens in mid-August, and is a celebration of the beautiful beaches surrounding the city. This day will boast  live music, concerts, competitions, traditional Mexican food and other cultural events.

On August 17th, head to Isla Mujeres to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the island. This day is marked with parades and parties.


Viva México is a festival specific to Cancun and happens throughout the month of September. It is a celebration of arts and culture and is made up of various music, dances, movies, street entertainment and other forms of art and culture.

Latin American Food Show occurs simultaneously in mid-September, and offers visitors a chance to try Mexican food from all over the country.

The Autumn Equinox at Chichén Itzá is celebrated late September, at the pyramids of Chichen Itza. For ten days the sun is in alignment with the pyramids to create a snake appearing to crawl down the pyramid.


Dia de la Raza occurs mid-October, and is the Mexican equivalent to Columbus day. The day is celebrated with bullfights,, processions, live music, dancing, and various street parties.


Day of the Dead occurs in early November, and marks a special day to honor those who have passed and celebrate the life we still have. On this day there are various events around Cancun and a special event at Xcaret park where they build many  altars for the deceased and paint the faces of children to resemble skeletons.

The Cancun International Film Festival happens mid-November, and most cinemas in the city participate in this festival. They show a mixture of Latin American and international films. If you attend this festival, be sure to check what language the movie is in.


Christmas Day falls on December 25th, and is largely celebrated in this Catholic country with church going, and various events. It is a visually appealing holiday as they put up many decorative lights.

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