Family Travel Ideas in Cancun

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Cancun, Mexico isn't just a party town for the Spring-Breakers; there are activities and sights that are perfect for families and couples, too. When visiting there, you'll see for yourself that Cancun attracts vacationers of every age and there's something fantastic for each one of those age groups. Plan your next trip utilizing some of our Cancun Family Travel information and ideas.

The Facts

Think you know a lot about Cancun? Here are some interesting facts you may not have known. Cancun is part of the Mexican Caribbean and is a coastal city developed as late as 1970. It is in fact the youngest city in all of Mexico, but also the busiest tourist destination. It offers approximately 150 hotels (that would be about 30,000 rooms total) and three-quarters of them are five-star accommodations. The city also has more than 400 restaurants, 15 shopping centers or malls and more than 10 golf courses.

When to Go

You can travel to Cancun any time during the year, as it always has warmer temperatures. They'll range from the upper 60s to mid 80s from October to March, and then from the low to mid 70s to low 90s from April to September. The off season is considered to be May until December, and rates are usually lowered by up to 30 percent. September and November is Cancun's rainiest season and you could experience hurricanes during this time of year too. The primary tourist season is usually from December through April of each year.

Things to Do

Each year Cancun features several family friendly events and festivals. Here are some of the most popular ones for tourists:

Spring events are from March to May and include the Spring Equinox at the Chichen Itza Archaeological Site, as well as the annual Dia de los Ninos celebrations in and around town in the last week of April.

Summer events include the Ultrafemme Summer Festival in July, and the the Autumn Equinox at Chichen Itza Archeological Site in September.

Winter events offered are of course Halloween celebrations in October, in addition to the Castro Street Fair and Fleet Week, also in October. In November are the Cancun International Film Festival and the infamous Xcaret Day of the Dead Festival.

Xcaret is a place you can visit anytime while in Cancun. This wondrous park by the sea has many activities for families and kids, all while learning about the history of Mexico. Explore the underground rivers, beaches, the Butterfly Exhibit, or go swimming with dolphins or snorkeling.

Cancun family travel is a great idea because Cancun has many family friendly aspects such as accommodations, excursions and entertainment.


Cancun offers many family friendly hotels, especially of the all inclusive variety. All inclusive resorts provide a great destination for families. They have buffet meals that offer enough variety to cater to all the different tastes in your family. They have their own security, ensuring that your family is safe and secure for all the members of your family. All inclusive resorts have great nightly entertainment as well, and this will give your family a great glimpse into the local culture, music and dancing. During the day time, the resorts offer games, contests and activities from water polo to archery to trivia. All inclusive hotels offer you the food selection, safety, security and entertainment to keep ensure your family vacations are top notch.


There are many great family oriented excursions available for day and night time entertainment. A great family day is to take the ferry over to Isla Mujeres where you can tour the island, take the family snorkeling, and pickup great Mexican souvenirs. If you and your family are dolphin lovers, try one of the dolphin centers where you can go swimming with the dolphins, which is something the kids will never forget. Take the family over to Wet N Wild, a great family friendly water park. At Wet N Wild you can take the kids and let them do their own thing, while knowing that they are safe within the secure walls. To give the kids a great cultural experience, head over to Chichen Itza, one of the largest Mayan settlements in Mexico. Here you can hire a guide to explain the history and culture of the ruins, the kids are sure to love the ritualistic be-headings.  


There are many forms of family entertainment in addition to the entertainment provided at the resort. If you walk around the many plazas and strips in the Cancun hotel zone, you will see many different street performers that offer great photo opportunities, in addition to entertainment. If you take the family over to Hard Rock Cafe you can see live local bands play. Check the local listings about what festivals are occurring during your visit, because there is a different festival happening every month in Cancun.

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