Cruises in Cancun

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Cancun is located along the coast of Mexico, which makes the Cancun Cruises one of the most popular experiences for vacationers. Whether you reached Cancun by boat or by air, you need to take the time to go on one of the local cruises that are being offered. These local cruises will take you places that regular cruise lines can’t.

Aqua World

Aqua World offers you the chance to view the Caribbean Sunset while cruising out on the ocean. With Aqua World, you will get a dinner cruise that you will never forget on the Cancun Queen. The dinner menu offers several choices, including the various seasonal specials. Most cruise goers recommend the lobster dinner, but that will depend on your own personal preferences. After a nice dinner, you can enjoy the open bar while dancing to a lively band.

Pirate Assault

The cruise is only available to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but private groups can reserve it any day of the week. On this cruise, you will be assaulted by "pirates" while on your way to a secluded village. You will also enjoy a nice dinner and an original pirate show.

Lobster Dinner Cruise

The Lobster Dinner Cruise, which is put on by Dolphin Discovery, is a great nighttime cruise to take while in Cancun. This cruise is not for families nor is it a party cruise; it is a romantic dinner cruise. While eating dinner aboard the cruise you will listen to the gentle notes of a saxophone as the cruise ships takes you through Nichupte Lagoon.

Pirate Ship

If you are looking for a family-friendly cruise this themed cruise is perfect for you and your family. During this cruise, Captain Hook and his crew will provide you with hours of entertainment, but you will also be treated to a nice dinner. There are plenty of selections on the dinner menu, although the lobster is considered to be the favorite, and there are also some kid friendly selections. Your cruise will take place on 1 of 2 replicas of a 17th century Spanish galleon, the El Galleon I or the El Bucanero II.

Kolumbus Tours

These cruise ships are made to look just like the “Nina” and “Pinta,” which were 2 of the ships that sailed with Christopher Columbus when he first discovered the Americas. These cruises will take you on a tour of the National Park of Contoy Island or you can choose a cruise that goes to Isla Mujeres.

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