Bars and Cafes in Cancun

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No matter what your reason is for visiting Cancun, you are going to want to visit the top Cancun Bars and Cafes. Which Cancun Bars and Cafes you decide to visit will depend on what your intentions for visiting them are, some cafes are quieter than others are, while some have live entertainment every night of the week and others only have entertainment on the weekends.

Bulldog Café

If you are looking for some live entertainment and you enjoy rock music the Bulldog Café is the place for you. The Bulldog Café has live bands every night of the week. Some of the past bands that have performed include Rolling Stones and Ricky Martin. Not only can you sit back and enjoy the show, but you can also dance the night away on the huge dance floor.


If you happen to enjoy Latin music and cocktails this is a great place to visit. The cocktail selection at Azucar is amazing, but the music is something else. You won’t be listening to any old jukebox in this place. Live Latin bands perform at Azucar every night to help you dance the night away, so make sure you brush up on your salsa dancing.

Bar N Roll

If you can’t get away from sports while on vacation, the Bar N Roll is a great sports bar. Inside the bar, you will have access to several televisions that are all showing different sporting events. This bar is different from most of the bars in Cancun, as it is not very fast paced; it is a much more a relaxed type of atmosphere.

Café Sole

If you are looking to sit down and relax after a hard day of shopping than Café Sole is a great place to go, with friends or even by yourself. Café Sole offers a large variety of teas and coffee, including flavored coffee and Cappuccinos. If you want a little snack with your tea or coffee, the fresh baked biscuits are amazing.

Royal Coffee House

This is a great place to visit after you have been to 1 of the local restaurants. After enjoying a heavy meal, it is nice to sit back and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea. If you are looking for dessert to satisfy that late night sweet tooth, be sure to stop in, the desserts are amazing; you must at least try a pastry. Sugar free desserts are also available upon request.

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