When to Go in Quebec City

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The quaint, French influenced Quebec City has four very distinctive seasons. Summer and autumn are by far the most popular seasons for tourists to visit. At these times of year, the weather is at its best. Winter also has quite a bit of tourist traffic due to great skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating opportunities. Precipitation is common all year round, and the city receives around 14 feet of snowfall every year. June, July, August, September, and October are the few months that have no snowfall. Basically, the time of year to go to Quebec City depends on what kinds of activities you are planning on doing. Obviously, if you want to ski or do other winter sports, winter is the time to go, but if you like pleasant weather to shop, visit wineries, and view historic sites, then summer and autumn are better times to go.

Summer to Fall

Summer brings about sunny days, warm temperatures, and cool nights. Outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and camping are perfect during this season. Temperatures bounce between the upper 60s and the upper 70s, excellent for exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Plains of Abraham and Vieux-Quebec. A lot of city festivals are carried out during summer as well, especially in July. In autumn the temperatures drop a bit, and the leaves change to their vibrant fall colors. Not only the colors are a huge draw for tourists, there is also a two to three week "Indian Summer" that happens anywhere between mid September to mid October that is a big attraction.

Winter to Spring

Winter can be bitterly cold and humid; snow and ice cover the city and wind chills can drop well below 0 degrees Farenheit. From November to early April days with temperatures below freezing are almost continuous. The ski areas like Stoneham and Mont-Sainte Anne are booming during winter, but walks through Quebec City's streets and parks aren't pleasant during this time. Ironically, the Quebec Winter Carnival is a very popular festival that is held in early February, right during the worst of the cold, harsh weather. Spring stays pretty cold as well, with temperatures below freezing at times. Snowfall is common even through May some years. Still, there are plenty of things to do during spring. You can visit museums such as the Honey Economuseum, where you can go on a bee safari, or the Choco-Musee Erico, where you can see the history of chocolate from the times of the Maya. You can also go to La Fudgerie Inc., which was the first fudge making company in Quebec.

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