Top 5 Must Do's in Montreal

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Montreal exudes a classic European charm and polish while remarkably retaining its contemporary vivacity. This chic and stylish destination has a bouquet of offerings for its tourists that range from cultural centers and museums for art aficionados to architectural splendors of historical significance, meaning there's no shortage of Montreal Must Do's. With even more attractions like parks, ports and canals sprinkled in for added exploration and adventure, it was hard to pick only 5 for this list - but here are the top 5 must do's you don't want to miss.

Visit Old Montreal

For sampling a visibly robust European flavor, head to Old Montreal, a quarter of the city that has strong traces of classic Victorian culture. The charming old town looks resplendent in a drape of ancient European architecture and other traces of a bygone era. There are small cafes and quaint shops along the cobblestone streets that are guaranteed to take one on a highly nostalgic trip of classic beauty. 

Try the Casino de Montreal

While we aren’t endorsing gambling or throwing away your money, Casino de Montreal is a great place to check out if you have always been fascinated with the depiction of casinos in glossy Bond flicks. This isn’t for hardcore gambling buffs but a more informal gambling haunt for harmless fun. Nestled inside a gigantic multi-level structure, Casino de Montreal is a burlesque of amusing games and adult entertainment.

Visit the Posh Areas

For a glimpse of the high life of Montreal, take a stroll down from Saint-Denis Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard. This classy belt is ornamented with the most exclusive high-fashion boutiques and accessories stores along with innumerable fine dining restaurants and cafes. The street is predictably frequented by the crème-de-la-crème of Montreal’s fashion and social circles.

Enjoy Some Culture

For an art and cultural fiesta, visit Montreal’s famous Point-a-Calliere Museum that lets you peek into the ancient escapades of the enchanting city. The exhibits include thousands of artifacts and objects of historical significance along with archeological ruins of a long lost age. A complimentary tour guide will be allotted to you once the admission fees have been paid.  Another haven for art lovers is the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art--a place adorned by over 7000 original and splendid works of art. Free guided tours are conducted every Wednesday evening.

Hike Mount Royal

Mount Royal is an iconic attraction of the city that offers tourists the most breath-taking view of Montreal along with the opportunity to go a terrific adventure hike up to the peak. The landscaping is flawless, the summit thrilling and intimidating. This one’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Make sure you don't miss these top 5 Montreal must do's!

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