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When planning your trip to Montreal, getting there is the first step. The methods of getting to Montreal from the rest of Canada and from the US include:


The most basic way to get to Montreal is to drive there. You can get to Montreal from anywhere in Canada's or America's mainlands, but just remember that the immigration laws have changed, and if you're traveling across the Canada/United States border, you'll have to show your passport if you're 16 or older (Children 15 and younger traveling with an adult can show their birth certificates.).

You can take the Trans-Canada Highway, which passes through Montreal on its path through all 10 provinces. Alternate routes to Montreal include the following expressways: Bonaventure (10), Comedey (13), Laurentides (15), Papineau (19), Metropolitan (40) and Ville-Marie (720).


You can get to Montreal from any other major city in Canada by taking a Via Rail train. If the idea of taking a train from the US to Montreal appeals to you, the most direct path is to first get to New York City's Penn Station by train, plane or automobile. From there, you can take an Amtrak train to Montreal--just remember to bring your passport. The trip takes a little less than 11 hours, but it can be faster than driving, depending on traffic. Plus, a one-way ticket costs only $62, which is significantly cheaper than a plane ticket.


There are quite a few airports servicing the Montreal area. The three most popular are Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, Montreal/Saint-Hubert Airport and Montreal-Mirabel International Airport. You can also fly into Montreal via its "US airport" in northern New York state, Plattsburgh International Airport, and then drive or take a bus across the border. Ticket prices and travel times vary depending on your starting location. A flight to Montreal from New York City takes only about 3 and a half hours for $140 each way, and a flight from Vancouver takes a little under 5 hours and costs about $270 each way.

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