Getting Around in Montreal

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Planning ahead for your trip to Montreal means becoming familiar with Montreal transportation. If you're passing up the car or cab in favor of public transportation, you can rely on any of the following:

Metro Subway

The easiest and most inexpensive way to get around Montreal is to ride the Montreal subway system, the Metro. The number of stops is fairly comprehensive and with a little walking, you can get to virtually any sight of interest within the city. Each ride costs CAN$2.75 ($1.75 for children ages 6 to 11; children 5 and under are free) and that includes unlimited transfers as long as you don't exit the stations.

You can save some money by purchasing a 6-ride pass (CAN$13.25) or a 1-day pass (CAN$7) or 3-day pass (CAN$14) to cover unlimited rides during your entire stay. These unlimited cards don't even have to be used on the day of purchase or the three consecutive days after purchase. You can scratch off which one or three days you would like to be able to use them on the cards.


The expansive bus route coupled with the subway makes virtually every location within the city of Montreal easily accessible. The best part is that the bus system works on the same system of the Metro, so your 6-ride passes or 1- or 3-day unlimited passes cover all of your bus transfers, too. You can count on being able to transfer to a bus near every subway station, so if you plan ahead or take a good look at the posted route maps at every station, you should be able to easily navigate your way from one end of the city to the next.

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