Bars and Cafes in Montreal

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The second-largest city in Canada, Montreal is far above amazing. It has sophistication and romance that is full of modern bliss. The Montreal Bars and Cafes are by far some of the best in North America. For years, people from all over the world have traveled to the city to enjoy the great atmosphere and diverse culture. Montreal has a copious of marvelous bars and cafes to select that do not hurt the pockets, wallets or handbags of the visitors. They are the perfect pit stop to enjoy your morning coffee, breakfast and snack.


Nightlife in Montreal is by far one of the best in the world. Along Crescent Street is where you will find all the excitement. The bars offer up the best in alcoholic beverages. Upon visiting the city, you will find many of the bars brew their own beers on-site, one of those being Brutopia Brew Pub. It is a town favorite and those who have visited compliment on how lovely and attentive the staff is. Between the streets Rue de Maisonneuvee and Rue St. Catherine’s are plenty of great bars. With many residents and business owners having French family origins, it is not out of the norm to walk into a bar, tavern or pub with British décor and French accents. Another great bar is Thursday’s, with a multi-purpose bar and lounge whom offer high class dining, a piano bar and singles bar.


You get such diversity in Montreal cafes. Each individual shop has a certain audience it carters to. Café Santropol is a lovely vegetarian café that does not provide real coffee because of the toxins in coffee. They sell large soups and delicious hand sandwiches that are not too expensive. They are an ideal spot for the whole family to enjoy. Another town favorite is St-Viateur Bagel & Café. They sell tasty bagels that include a good-sized salad with a respectable price tag. The Shed Cafe is a lounge with 60 wines from all over the world. You taste a variety of wines and pick the one you want with your meal.

Montreal receives many visitors who come to enjoy its culture and see its numerous wonders. The several diverse cultures and backgrounds in one area add to the wonders of Montreal Bars and Cafes.

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