Top 5 Must Do's in Toronto

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A buzzing city with effervescent energy and spirited appeal that never seems to give up on gratification, Toronto is a splendid concoction of cultures that exudes an unapologetically high lifestyle without forgoing its original lineage - So you won't want to miss these top 5 Toronto Must Do's. A haven for shoppers and explorers alike, this charming Canadian city is brimming with attractions and activities that will leave even the most discerning traveler come back for more.

Visit the Toronto Zoo

One of the world’s most well-maintained natural parks, the Toronto Zoo houses over 5000 species of wildlife in their most native surroundings. Meander through the expansive setting and catch glimpses of the Gorilla Rainforest, outdoor exhibits and the famed, exotic Siberian Tigers and Snow Leopards. There is also a charming in-house Waterside Theatre and a mini Kids Zoo. This destination is undoubtedly the star attraction for families with young children.

Check Out Canada's Wonderland

For tourists who crave the excitement of thrilling roller-coasters and theme parks, Canada’s Wonderland spins magic with its exhilarating rides and sprawling Water Park. The newest addition to the amusement park is Behemoth, an intimidating coaster that is touted to offer Canada’s speediest, biggest and most menacing ride. 

Go on a Sightseeing Tour

Surrender to the irresistible lure of Toronto’s attractions and go on a guided city sightseeing tour. View the picturesque Rogers Center which is at its dazzling best in the night or visit the CN Tower and Air Canada Center that is replete with tales of Canada’s glorious ascent. The famed Canadian National Exhibition (initiates from mid-August and runs till Labour Day) sees millions of patrons from all over the world and is a must visit for its eclectic cultural hobnobbing. Take a trip to the Harbourfront, a place that reinforces the industrious spirit of the city. St. Lawrence, nestled in the old town area, is considered to be one of the world’s most revered food markets and is a must visit for its celebrated food and antique exhibits.          

Explore the Ontario Place

Visit Toronto’s contemporary entertainment complex, the Ontario Place that sprawls across 96 acres and houses everything from a mini golf course and amphitheatre to a pretty little children’s village and an array of exciting rides. There is also a gigantic curved screen that screens IMAX films with visually stunning effects.

Kick Back on the Toronto Islands

Witness the grandeur of the Toronto Islands come alive with an enchanting ferry ride embarking from Yonge Street and spanning across the islands to offer an awe-inspiring view of Canada’s coastal wonders and towering skyline. The crown-puller here is the Center Island that is famous for its beaches, picnic and barbeque tables and bicycle trails.

If you're planning a trip to Toronto, these top 5 must do's are some activities you won't want to miss.

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