Getting Around in Toronto

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There are many options for Toronto transportation that will take you around the city and province of Ontario. You can take the train, ride the bus or rent a car to see the Toronto museum and art galleries, or enjoy renting a bike to see the Toronto Conservation Centre.

Travel by Train

Toronto offers many scenic routes to enjoy by train. You can catch the train in Toronto and head out to the Toronto Air Museum, or to Black Creek Pioneer Village. You can also board the train to travel in Ontario and see the majestic lake country and the harbor area.

Travel by Bus

Taking the bus in Toronto can take you to some of the main attractions including the Art museum, the Toronto Zoo and the Casa Loma. If you are going to be spending most of your time visiting the museums and galleries downtown, the bus makes many stops and the routes are well laid out so you can figure out which numbered bus you need to take.

Travel by Foot and Bike

If you prefer to get to your travel spots on foot, you can start out downtown and visit the Shoe Museum and the Toronto Art Gallery, which features the work of local artisans. You can also rent a bike and visit the Toronto conservation area. If you want to enjoy shopping, you can visit the unique boutiques that are downtown and near the Center Hall. You can hike on the trail leading to the Docks and explore the wilderness area near the Toronto Conservation Centre.

Rent a Car

You can rent a car to get around the Toronto area and see some of the places like the docks, the Gardiner Museum, the Metro Area and the Toronto theme park. Most of the rental prices are comparable and for a one day rental you can expect to spend about $80 USD. You can check with your hotel to see what company they recommend and may be able to get a more affordable option. The airport in Toronto offers a couple of different rental companies.

Taxi Services

There are taxi services in the city that you can use, and the fares are affordable if you are traveling small distances. Taxis are more expensive, and if you are going to be going a longer distance, be prepared to spend more than $20 USD for a one-way ride. If you are staying within the downtown area, you can find cheaper fares.

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