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Bridge to Tom Patterson Island

Bridge to Tom Patterson Island

Andrew Watson

Stratford is home to the renowned Stratford Theatre Festival, attracting over 600,000 international visitors a year. The lively Avon River serves as the backdrop for Stratford's swans, which are widely photographed due to their unique heritage. Stratford flaunts a lofty number of memorable restaurants, partly because the city is home to a number of recognized cooking schools that have set high standards in the area of cuisine. Tours are a great way to explore Stratford's meticulously kept and unique gardens. Visitors may be attracted to the city because of the illustrious festival, but bringing visitors back is the work of the city's charm and hospitality.

The beautiful, tranquil and picturesque Avon River runs through Stratford. You can rent canoes and kayaks, watch the numerous White Swans or enjoy a peaceful picnic lunch at the numerous riverside parks on the Avon River.


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