St. Jacobs & Elmira area Travel Guide

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Mennonite horse & buggy in winter

Mennonite horse & buggy in winter

Joseph Hollick

The area north of the City of Waterloo is home to a large Mennonite population. This area includes the villages of St. Jacobs, Elmira, Conestogo, Linwood, Heidelburg, West Montrose, Wallenstein and St. Clements.

Mennonites can be seen in their traditional horse and buggies both on the roads and in the local villages. Even in winter the Mennonites still use buggies.

The shopping includes much of the traditional Mennonite crafts and baking and is especially good in St. Jacobs and Elmira with many stores and markets run by the Mennonites.

The last covered bridge in Ontario, built in 1881, that is still in use for current day automobiles as well as for the Mennonites in their horse and buggies exists in West Montrose and is worth a visit.


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