When to Go in Niagara falls

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When planning a trip to Niagara Falls, when to go is an important consideration.  Try to factor in weather, attractions and costs when trying to decide when to visit this beautiful city. Here's a look at what you can expect in every season.


Winter weather in Niagara Falls tends to last from November through March. Temperatures are almost always below freezing, lows hitting -18 degrees C and highs occasionally reaching about 4 degrees C, and there is always plenty of snow. Still, if you're prepared with lots of layers, a heavy coat, hat, scarf and gloves, you're sure to enjoy the incredible ice formations on the trees and the Falls. You can also enjoy the Ice Wine Festival in January, and the even more popular Winter Festival of Lights that runs through the entire season and includes amazing light displays, fireworks and even ice skating.


From April to May the blooms begin to burst forth from the snow and the temperatures start to rise. Days are usually warm, but cold spells are still possible. It's usually chilly in the evening, so be sure to bring a sweater or jacket. Clouds and rain do occur, but warm, sunny days are just as frequent. In May you can enjoy the Spring Festival that kicks off with a parade and includes fireworks, concerts and even gardening tips. May also starts the peak tourist season, which lasts through September.


Summers in Niagara last from June through August and are usually warm, sunny and dry, and sometimes quite humid due to the Falls. Also because of the Falls, the temperatures never reach extremes in the summertime, hovering between 15 and 26 degrees C. You may still need that sweater in the evenings, as the mist rising from the water can bring a chill to the air. An added bonus to visiting in the summer is the fireworks display that's set off over the Falls every Friday and Sunday evening at 10 p.m.


From September through October the temperatures begin to cool as the city heads into autumn. Days are still warm, but cooler evenings are frequent, as are occasional rains. September is the wettest month of the year, so bring your umbrella or pick up a poncho. The changing leaves take over for the flowers when it comes to dazzling color displays. Hotels, casinos and restaurants will often run specials as the season progresses and peak tourist season ends, so autumn is a great time for those traveling on a budget. You can also take part in the Grape and Wine Festival, complete with concerts, parades and wine tasting. And don't forget to stop by again in January to try the ice wine!

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