Senior Travel in Niagara falls

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Choosing a Niagara Falls Senior Travel excursion for your vacation plans will enable you to see the majesty of the falls which draws people from all over the world. Outside of the waterfall itself, a host of other places to visit are safe and pleasurable and will give you fond memories for years to come. No matter how many incredible scenes you have witnessed in your lifetime, the chance to visit Niagara Falls shouldn't be missed.

Travel Guides and Counselors

Travel agents and counselors are highly recommended, especially if you have specific health considerations.  The benefit they can bring range from setting up hotel reservations to helping you attain a passport or visa. Also they most likely have inside information on attractions and accommodations not easily attained by the average trip scheduler. But if you like to do the research yourself we have some ideas to help you out in making your vacation decisions.

Travel Considerations

Preparing a budget that is reasonable and within your economical range is a must so that you don’t get into financial problems on your trip or upon returning. Depending on your age and physical capabilities, arrange tours and sight-seeing ventures that won’t cause harm but will be rewarding to experience. Medical help is available wherever you are in the Niagara Falls area. During the summer months wear lightweight clothes. As fall comes, heavier clothing is required. The months between November to March are the coldest and winter gear is needed for you to stay comfortable.

Accommodations and Attractions

To get a marvelous view of the Niagra Falls while living in luxury, the Marriot Falls Hotel and Spa is just the place to set up your headquarters.  The staff is exceptional and able to take care of any needs you require. Special accommodations include handicapped access and bathrooms. If you are interested in being outside the center of the Niagara Falls area, a great place to stay is at John’s Gate Bed and Breakfast, a pre Victorian building located only 15 to 20 minutes from the falls. They offer senior’s special rates from November 1st through April 30th.

Whether you enjoy walking outside or not, a tour through the Niagara Parklands is a must. It is truly a romantic place with the highlight being the Queen Victoria Park. You may also consider taking an exciting ride on the famous Maid of the Mist boat ride that goes from the Canadian docks right to the base of the American falls. Remember wet weather clothes need to be worn and a water-proof camera is essential to take amazing snap shots. 

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