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Since Niagara Falls is a multi-national city, you may want to confirm locations if they are on the CANADIAN side, or the AMERICAN side.

Previous to the opening of the Seneca Niagara Casino in New York (American Side) most activities were located on the Canadian side...but that is changing so that both sides are becoming a destination.

Since 9-11, BOTH American and Canadian border crossings have been more thorough and secure, and random checks on ALL people are becoming more frequent.  When crossing at the Rainbow Bridge (the Whirlpool Bridge is open to CanPass customers only) be sure that you have identification (passport) on your person upon arrival at customs.

The Rainbow Bridge is the only crossing in the Cities of Niagara Falls, and the only other crossings are at the Peace Bridge (in Buffalo), and Lewiston/Queenston Bridge in Lewiston NY/Queenston ON.  Automobiles can cross for under $5.00, and pedestrians will afford an excellent view of the falls if you cross the bridge ($.50).

Both sides of the border can experience some pick-pocketing, so be extra aware of persons "bumping" into you.

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