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Although they do create the spellbinding effect on their visitors that the famous Niagara Falls does, the Niagara Falls Museum located here at the falls displays some of the most of fascinating, famous, and fearsome people, places, and events that visitors to this famous place will find. Here are 6 of these museums:

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum
Visitors to this famous museum can explore some of the 500 exhibits displaying some of the world's most famous people along with some of the strangest and most inexplicable and famous events that are know to have happened.  

Guinness World of Records Museum
Here you will be able to view wax replicas of people such as the world's tallest man. You will view, and even participate in, mind-stretching displays like a granite ball that weighs 10,000 lbs. but can float on water.

Movieland Wax Museum
Some of America's most famous movie actors and the characters they portrayed on the screen, such as Jack Nicholson and his character, the Joker, are presented at this museum.

Daredevil Hall of Fame
This display depicts daring people who have tightrope-walked across the falls, along with others who have plummeted down the falls in a barrel.
Criminal Hall of Fame
Here, some of the world's most notorious criminals, such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Al Campone are recreated in life-like wax.

Daredevil Exhibit

A visit to the IMAX Theatre will include admission to this exhibit that displays some of the barrels that have been used by daredevils who attempted go over the falls in these barrels.
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