Getting Around in Niagara falls

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Getting around the greater Niagara Region can be very simple and inexpensive if you know how to get around.

Unlike the United States, most public transportation providers operate in the municipality they are associated with.  Things are changing though, and some agencies are amalgamating into regional that of the US.

For intercity service, depend on intercity carriers.

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See Sight Tours

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See Sight Tours is a great inexpensive way to get around and see everything Niagara falls has to offer. With a basic tour package you will see over 75 sights, and get admisson to Journey Behind the falls, Maid of the mist (Boat ride) and Skylon tower. A great way to see everyting in Niagara falls all in one day!

See Sight Tours offers Private, Small group and corporate group tours. See what Niagara Falls has to offer in your choice of select transportation!



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Niagara Transit

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With their offices located directly next to the Greater Niagara Falls Coach Terminal, the Niagara Transit Commission offers about 11 city routes, 3 Falls Shuttles, and 2 college shuttles.

Current fares are $2.25 per ride in the city proper, and higher on the Falls Shuttle routes and College Shuttles.

If you board the Falls Shuttles (Red, Blue or Green lines), there is a day pass available that will allow unlimited use of the Falls Shuttle and Niagara Falls city service.

The website listed below offers maps and schedules for all their services.

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5-0 Taxi

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In addition to offering one of the most visible taxi services to the entire Niagara region of Ontario, 5-0 taxi also operates a year-round shuttle from the Greater Niagara Falls Coach Terminal to Niagara-on-the-Lake, a small community north of the city.

Summertime offers 3 daily trips, with a reduced schedule during non-peak season.

Round trip fares are about $11.50CAD.

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Greater Niagara Falls Coach Terminal

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The location to be at when trying to transfer between intercity and local services.

Here is a rough list of services:

---Coach Canada...service on the St. Catharines/Grimsby/Toronto line run, St. Catharines/Grimsby/Hamilton line run, and the Niagara Falls/Fort Erie/Buffalo/New York City line run.  One trip a day, also services the Welland/Pt Colborne area.

---Greyhound of Canada...similar to that of Coach Canada.

Note that Coach Canada (Trentway Wagar) offers a number of lower rates for SAME DAY returns on Toronto day trips.  Check with more..

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Falls Shuttle (part of Niagara Transit)

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Taken from Niagara Transit Website
Monday Through Thursday
May 19 to June 22, and Sept 4 to Oct 8

Downtown/Lundy's Lane Loop - Hourly Service

Leaving Lundy's Lane at Garner Rd on the half hour from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.--return leaving Clifton Hill on 10 min after the hour -- last bus 2:10 a.m.

Leaving Downtown on the hour from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.-- return leaving Clifton Hill 10 minutes to the hour--last Bus 1:50 a.m.

June 23 to more..

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