Festivals in Niagara falls

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Being in an area known for its quality wines and vineyards, many of the festivals celebrated in Niagara Falls revolve around wine.

Wine Festivals

The Niagara Wine Festival is one of the largest events in Canada. Taking place every September, thousands of people come into the area specifically to enjoy this festival. Celebrated in more than 20 local vineyards, this festival includes events and activities such as wine tours, outdoor concerts, wine tastings, wine seminars, artisan displays, and culinary treats. It also includes a huge street parade and Run for the Grapes, an annual half marathon. Just be sure to do all of your wine tasting after the race rather than before!

If you´re looking for a true local treat, Ice Wine is the specialty of Niagara. It is so important and celebrated in the area that it has its own festival, separated from the normal wine festival. The Niagara Ice Wine Festival is held every year in January and includes many of the same events as the wine festival in September. The only difference is that these events are centered around Ice Wine instead of simply wine in general. Tastings of the sweet drink and winery tours are abundant during this festival, and it is a great way to get to know the most famous Ontario wine.

A rather new festival celebrating local wines and produce is the Niagara New Vintage Festival. This festival supports people buying local foods and drinks rather than products from other countries or other parts of Canada. It takes place in June and vendors provide all kinds of local products, including wines from nearby wineries. It is a great way to support the local economy and have fun while doing it.

Other Festivals

Besides wine festivals another very popular yearly festival that occurs in Niagara Falls really gets you in the holiday spirit. The Winter Festival of Lights transforms Niagara Falls into a true winter wonderland glittering with millions of lights sprinkled throughout the trees and bushes and on the ground. This festival attracts thousands of visitors longing to see the sparkling lights reflected in the ice and snow. There are also more than 120 displays of lights that are animated. As if that weren´t enough, every evening during the festival, fireworks are set off over the falls in a startling spectacle. The Winter Festival of Lights is celebrated from November to January.

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