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Ice at Niagara Falls in winter

Ice at Niagara Falls in winter

Joseph Hollick

The big waterfall can be accessed from both the Canadian and the American side, though the best view FACING the falls is entirely from the Canadian side.

One of the southernmost points of the Province of Ontario, the City of Niagara Falls shares it border with another Niagara Falls, in New York State.  The Niagara Falls Ontario side offers much more to the sightseer, while the Niagara Falls, New York side caters to those that are continuing their journey into the United States.

The biggest and most visited attraction is the Niagara Falls, itself. Accessed south of Downtown and either the Bus Terminal or VIA Rail Station, there are semi-regular shuttle buses that operate directly to the Falls.  The best view of the entire falls area is from the Canadian side, however, if you really want to be near the water itself, the New York Side is best.  That is a short walk over Goat Island.

Taking a ride on the famous Maid-of-the-Mist boats is a must.  You do not get the whole experience of Niagara Falls until you ride one of these boats. You will get wet, thus bring a waterproof camera.

Another attraction, the Clifton Hill tourist area, begins at the top of Clifton Hill and follows a steep hill to the end at the Falls.  There are countless shops, museums, hotels, motels, restaurants, and so forth.  Many hours can be spent visiting each location and if you have someone that tires easily, or children prepare yourself for a long walk back up the hill!

Niagara Square is the local shopping mall, and shoppers can also go to Optimist Park, where there is a Walmart and Zehrs (grocery store).

Prices in the Niagara Falls vicinity are outrageous.  It is highly recommended that you go out of your way to get the best prices for gas, food, and lodgings.

For international travellers crossing the border, it is essential that you carry proper documentation, so that you won't be delayed unnecessarily at the border! Passports WILL BE required for American and Canadian citizens, as of December of 2006. Please note that as of November, 2006 there are no immediate plans to require passports for either Canadian or American citizens.  If this happens at all, it will be several years in the future.

If you currently don't have a passport, you should have available an original birth certificate or a naturalization certificate detailing your Canadian or American citizenship. Drivers licenses, Social Insurance/Social Security cards, and provincial health cards are NOT sufficient on there own, however it is recommended that you have them with you along with your birth certificate or naturalization certificate.  Remember, these will no longer be enough in December of 2006.

Your local phone book can list telephone numbers of US or Canadian consulate offices for details on crossing requirements.



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