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Boundary Falls is located in both Hamilton and Burlington (on the boundary line).

Boundary Falls is located in both Hamilton and Burlington (on the boundary line).

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Hamilton is Ontario's leading Steel Town. Home of Stelco, Dofasco, and Slater Steel companies. An excellent tour destination. Many attractions, and fun things to do. Plus it's right around the corner from Toronto. In the year 2003 Hamilton hosted the Canadian and World Cycling Championships, which drew great attention to the city.

Although the downtown area leaves a lot to be desired in terms of activities and even general cleanliness, a walk through the residential streets just a few blocks from the downtown core belies the often derogatory nickname of Steel city.  Built in Edwardian and Victorian times, these streets are often tree-lined boulevards, with red-brick houses, giving an air of old-world grandeur.

The most attractive thing about Hamilton is its location, nestled at the corner of Lake Ontario, and surrounded by the greenery of the Niagara Escarpment.  The Escarpment cuts right through the city, creating literally an upper and lower Hamilton.  It is largely wooded, and provides excellent walking and cycling trails, only a few blocks from the heart of the city.  Some spectacular waterfalls spill over the edge, and cut deep forested valleys in the area just west of the city. 

Hamilton is known also as "The City of Waterfalls" and "The Waterfall Capital of the World" because to date 126 waterfalls and cascades have been located within the boundaries of the city of Hamilton. The reason for so many waterfalls is that the Niagara Escarpment (nickname is "The Giant's Rib") runs through the entire length of the city. Every stream and creek that flows in Hamilton towards Lake Ontario flows over the escarpment resulting in one or more waterfalls. It is believed that Hamilton has more waterfalls than any other city of its size (500,000 people) in the world.

A very pretty village to visit is Dundas, in the heart of one of these valleys, with its heritage stone buildings and quaint main street.

Dundurn Castle is just outside the city and is a historic building overlooking the lake.

The waterfront shouldn't be missed either.  A short walk from Hamilton's downtown takes one to the Bayfront park, with it's walking, skating and cycling promenade, a favourite place in summer with musical performances and water sports to enjoy as well.


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