Getting Around in Fort Erie

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By car:

Drivers from the United States quickly realize that there is a distinct difference in the speed limits, due to the Metric speed limit used throughout Canada.  A speed limit of 25mph is about the norm in built-up residential areas.

In Fort Erie, there are a number of important roadways:

GARRISON ROAD (Provincial Route 3) is the direct east-west corridor for drivers going to or through Port Colborne.

DOMINION ROAD (Niagara Route 1) is located south of Garrison Road, and is the preferred route into Crystal Beach.

NIAGARA PARKWAY follows the Niagara River, and is an excellent (but long) leisure trip into the community of Chippawa and Niagara Falls.

CENTRAL AVENUE is the primary north-south corridor through the center of Fort Erie.

The QUEEN ELIZABETH WAY (QEW) is the only limited-access highway to take drivers to either the Peace Bridge (into the United States) or north to Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton, or the Greater Toronto Area.

By long-distance bus:

The Fort Erie Coach Terminal (at Princess and Waterloo) has a limited number of buses daily originating from Toronto or Buffalo.  Caoch Canada (pka Trentway Wagar) and Greyhound Lines of Canada both serve this terminal.

By local bus:

Fort Erie Transit operates a single line that serves key points throughout Fort Erie and Crystal Beach weekdays.  Service serves the Fort Erie Bus Terminal directly, and operates about every 90 minutes between buses for about $2.00 per ride.  A simple search in most search engines will pull up a schedule, but it is best to call ahead to verify the times.

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