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Heritage Buildings Restored in downtown Saint John

Heritage Buildings Restored in downtown Saint John

Joseph Hollick

Saint John is NOT the capital of New Brunswick. If you would like to recommend any feature of this city to other travellers, please send us the information.

SAINT JOHN is a fascinating place because of its friendly people, its up and down streetscapes with crooked and picturesque  telegraph poles, its flourishing arts and crafts, its city market,  historic buildings with polished doorknobs and gargoyles under roofs, its parks, rivers, trails and the proximity to the ocean which never freezes. SAINT JOHN can look mysteriously eerie during sea fog. It must be quite a site for those brave enough to kayak through spray, mist and turbulent waves of the Reversing Falls. For ordinary folks it is neither too hot nor too cold, just right to HI-WELCOME everybody. Rosi Jory

Many crusie ships, including the Queen Mary 2, visit Saint John during the tourist season from mid spring to early autumn.


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