Budget Travel Ideas in Canada

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Canada Budget Travel is always possible because of the country's friendly network of discount travel options for students, well developed market for second hand cars and various options for budget travel. Here are a couple of tips to prepare your budget travel to Canada.

Save Money by Staying at Hostels

Canada is one of the countries that has the most participating hostels of the Hostelling International network. Having a Hostelling International membership in Canada will give you access to discounted rates at over 40 hostels all over the country. From the province of British Columbia on the west coast to the province of Ontario on the east coast, there is no province in Canada without a participating hostel. The price range of the hostels is between CA$12 and $28, depending on the room type and time of the year. Most front desks are open 24 hours a day, but it is necessary to double check with your selected hostel. The period between May and October, and the period between December and January, are the busiest times of the year, so it is a good idea to make reservations at least a month and a half in advance. Please be aware that smoking is strictly prohibited inside the hostels. Also, your Hostelling International membership card gives discounts at several bars, restaurants, museums and shops.

There is Winter and July

This is the common answer that Canadians give to visitors asking what the seasons are in Canada. Canada truly becomes alive in the summer months, especially in July. Canadians welcome the warm weather and put on the best summer festivals. Ranging from theater to jazz to folk music, there is one festival for everybody. The Fringe Festival in Edmonton, Alberta is a great festival for theater lovers, offering not only theater but also several street and music performances. The Stampede in Calgary, Alberta is the biggest rodeo event in the whole world and it draws millions every year. The Montreal Jazz Festival is a well-known jazz festival in Montreal, Quebec that highlights the best of both classic and modern jazz music. Summer budget travel is possible, but you need to make arrangements at least 2 months in advance to guarantee the lowest fares.

Traveling by Bus

Distances in Canada are big. Really big. People will be tempted to travel by plane to cover distances in faster time. However, if you have enough weeks in your vacation, make sure to save money by riding the bus between Canadian cities. Greyhound and other bus lines offer great student packages, last minute specials and monthly or weekly passes that will allow you to save lots of money. One important warning is that bus tickets go really fast so be sure to book your tickets well ahead of time. An incentive for early booking is that ticket purchases done in advance receive additional discounts (e.g. early bird discounts).

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