When to Go in Vancouver

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Located on the western side of Canada, Vancouver has pleasant weather most of the year. It has a moderate oceanic climate, which is made milder by the mountains and the warm Japanese current. Of all the major cities in Canada, Vancouver is actuallly the warmest, even with its summers that boast cooler temperatures than most.

Tourist season continues all through spring, summer, and fall, when the weather is nicest and it is easy and comfortable to explore the city walking. The prices rise during those seasons, but if you plan on doing anything outside except winter sports, that's the time to go. The city sees about 166 days of precipitation every year, however, in summer there is sometimes not rain for over 4 weeks.


Summer is warm, but not hot. The average temperature in July stays around 71 degrees Farenheit. This season tends to be dry, with little to no precipitation for long stretches of time. It's a nice time to check out historical sites, stroll down gallery row, or go on walking tours of Chinatown, Gastown, or Japantown. Outdoor sports are at their peak; with such beautiful, natural surroundings as those in Vancouver, who wouldn't love to travel through hiking or mountain biking?


The arrival of autumn brings with it intense wind storms. Temperatures stay in the 50s to 60s range, and there is a small chance of thunderstorms, which are rare anyways. Rain showers are common during fall as well, so it's not a fantastic time to visit, but if you want to do mainly indoor activities, than it's still a good time to go.


Winter isn't that cold compared to other areas of Canada. The average temperature in January is a decent 43 degrees Farenheit. Snow is only common in the higher parts of Vancouver, basically, in the north and west as well as Burnaby Mountain. The snow that does fall is heavy and wet, since the temperatures don't get that low. There is a weather pattern in winter called the Pineapple Express which creates surprisingly warm rainstorms. In winter, you can take advantage of the ski areas around Vancouver.


Constant showers of rain and sometimes hail describe the arrival of spring. Temperatures increase back up to the 60s, so it is a more pleasant season than winter, but it's still not as nice of time to visit Vancouver as is summer.

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