Senior Travel in Vancouver

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Traveling to Vancouver? Over 65? Don’t fret. This beautiful northwest Canadian city features over a dozen senior-friendly activities, ranging from nature walks to local museums, from shopping to movie theaters.


Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours, Inc., offers small, intimate tours for visiting seniors at a reasonable price. You’ll be sure and get the best of nature-viewing, with a glimpse of deer, black bear, the infamous eagle, orca and humpback whales, and a variety of marine life. Or, if you prefer, check out their wine tours in the Cowichan Valley.  

Senior Tours Canada, the largest Canadian senior tour operator, reputedly offers the best package for those 50+. Included in the package of your choice is an airport pick up and drop off, airfare, tailored accommodation and food preferences, and insurance. Seniors who’ve gone with this tour company comment highly on the leisurely two day stopovers, giving you a chance to rest and enjoy the day, rather than feeling rushed. For a reasonable price, Senior Tours will plan your Vancouver trip to include every attraction you want to see!

Vancouver Island Golf

This beautiful 1,000 acre property surrounded by a glittering blue lake features one of the world’s most famous golf courses. For a senior discount, you can shoot a full course or as many holes as you want! With over five different golf courses, you can take your pick on the difficulty of the course. The food at the clubs is top-notch, and don’t forget to check out the club shops for that perfect souvenir tee-shirt.

Granville Island

Spend a leisurely afternoon wandering the multifaceted shops of Granville Island, a hop away from the city via Aquabus or foot over the Anderson Bridge. Here you’ll find the perfect gift for the grand kids at one of the craft stalls. Hungry? Stop at one of the delicious local seafood stalls for the fresh catch of the day. This island has maintained its industrial look of the 1970s, featuring old warehouses that are now home to local art galleries. Bring your camera as you’ll want to savor the original cement plant on the waterfront, the only industrial item from the 70s still standing today.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Always a big hit with seniors, the Vancouver Art Gallery features the latest work by BC artists, including native Emily Carr. You can also see work from the “Group of Seven”, a 1920s artists clan, headed by Vancouver painter Fred Varley.  The Gallery consistently updates its worldly exhibits of graphics, photography, sculpture, and video art. The grandkids will love the Annex Gallery, which features educational exhibits and hands on activities.

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