Beaches in Vancouver

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Vancouver’s long standing romance with beaches doesn’t seem to end. The destination is dotted with several pristine water bodies that have lent a spectacular stroke to its landscape. This guide offers visitors helpful information on the oceanic gems that grace this Canadian hotspot.


Vancouver’s beaches though pleasantly cool in winter are at their dazzling best in summers, when they become a mass of aureate sun-kissed sand and serene argent waters. The warm weather of British Columbia is best enjoyed through its beaches that provide a refreshingly natural Jacuzzi on its shell-mixed sands. The city features beaches that are components of town parks, replete with lush green willows, sprawling lawns and petite ponds along with beaches that are nestled in the main hubs of Vancouver. There are the risqué and notorious beaches, the adventurous beaches, the calm beaches and even the more stately beaches. Vancouver has a nice potpourri of them.

The English Bay Beach

The English Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the region with Sunset Beach coming a close second. Both are located to the south of Stanley Park in downtown. To the west of the destination, a few meters opposite the Murrad Bridge from central Vancouver, the Kitsilano neighborhood nestles a busy Kitsilano beach. The attractive beach is a faction of the stately park complex that features a stunning landscape. The salt-water swimming pool here is quiet an attraction for young children.

Spanish Banks, Jericho and Lacarno

Spanish Banks, Jericho and Lacarno, located near the University of British Columbia are a striking trilogy of picturesque coasts and are predictably frequented by the adjacent university students and the teeny-bopper crowd. Spanish Banks is brilliant for sunbathing. A little further down the road from Spanish Banks is the infamous Tower Beach that is meant for the more racy and adventurous visitors. Several notches ahead of it in terms of the ‘risqué factor’ is the Wreck Beach, one of the destinations that is on the to do list of every true-blue tourist who knows his stuff. There is something about this place that just fosters freakish nudism. The beach offers some gorgeous vistas of the dramatic mountains lining the sky of the Vancouver Island.   

Vancouver is a palpably attractive island that has a medley of beaches to suit the vacation preferences of all genres of visitors.

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