Terrace Travel Guide

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Historically, Terrace is the main junction connecting Canada's Pacific Northern ports -- Prince Rupert and Kitimat -- to the BC interior and the Praires. With an area population of 36,000 and growing fast, and regional trading area of more than 100,000 inhabitants, Terrace is the rural northern link for communications, transportation and resource product trade.

Terrace used to be a sawmill town, and a northern center for provincial government offices. It was the poor cousin to the more glamerous Kitimat ("Tomorrow's City Today") and hard-working port city of Prince Rupert. In the last decade, fortunes reveresed, with Prince Rupert losing industry and Kitimat losing population and businesses -- allowing Terrace to become the major shopping destination.

It's a good tourist destination if you are heavily into the outdoors or Native Indian culture. The drive along the Skeena River between Smithers and Terrace is beautiful, and on to Prince Rupert is spectacular.

For a visual tour of the city, visit Terrace.

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