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A mountain lake at entrance to Lillooet

A mountain lake at entrance to Lillooet

Joseph Hollick

Spectacular scenery, wildlife, and history are just around the corner.  Lillooet, British Columbia's best kept secret, is within easy driving distance of Vancouver, Whistler, Kamloops and the Fraser Valley - come visit Lillooet and see what it has to offer!

For history buffs, Lillooet is a must-see! In 1860, the town was the 2nd largest North American centre west of Chicago, behind San Francisco.

For active people, the recreational potential of Lillooet is unlimited. The area's large unspoiled mountains, valleys and lakes offer breathtaking scenery and first class opportunities for the outdoorsman. Formal recreational activities include: a curling rink, tennis courts, a stock car track, a BMX track, a skateboard park, a bowling alley, the Mile '0' Riding Club and many other organized sports teams.

British Columbia is the number one source of jade in the world today. The history of jade in Lillooet is from time immemorial. Lillooet is the Jade Monument Capital of the World.

Jade is part of the geographical history of the region and can still be found on the shores of the local rivers and in the surrounding mountains. Jade is found only in certain unique areas where two rock formations shift, thereby allowing jade to surface from its source fifteen miles deep under the earths crust. Lillooet is lucky to be one such rare place. The local First Nation community used jade as a trade staple - trading north, south and west within other indigenous communities. First Nation peoples made axes, deer scrapers and other tools for daily use from jade.


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