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Valley of Ten Peaks, Alberta

Valley of Ten Peaks, Alberta

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The following is a Canada travel guide for those who have the desire to visit this great North American country.

Canada Facts

Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories and covers 3,855,103 sq miles. It is the northern-most country in North America. Canada's population is currently over 33.8 million (2006). The country has 2 official languages; English and French. English is the language spoken in most of the country, while French is the main language spoken in the province of Quebec. Until the Canada Act of 1982, Canada was considered a constitutional monarchy and the Queen of England was seen as the true head of the government. However, today, her role is purely symbolic; Canada is governed under the Parliamentary system and has a Prime Minister. Each province has a Premier. There are 3 main political parties--the Progressive Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party (or "NDP").

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

Canada has a lot to offer to travelers. The country has some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world and has many cities that offer cultural activities and sporting events to citizens and tourists alike.

Whether tourists choose to visit Canada during summer, fall, winter or spring, they will find activities that are sure to entertain and amuse them. Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia offer world-class ski resorts for those looking for that sort of excitement. They also offer great hiking trails during the warmer seasons.

In addition, Canada has much to offer to those traveling on a budget , those traveling alone and those traveling with a family.

Western Canada

In the west, British Columbia also offers some of the most breath-taking views anywhere; driving from Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley takes a visitor through beautiful valleys and on incredible mountain roads in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.

Eastern Canada

In the east, Toronto, Ontario is a large metropolitan area that offers live theater, several art galleries, several museums, fine restaurants, world-class spas and cultural festivals throughout the year. Tourists staying in Toronto can take day trips to such areas as Niagara Falls, Windsor and Stratford (home of the world famous Stratford Shakespearean Festival). Montreal, Quebec is also a large metropolitan city that offers many cultural attractions and historic areas.

Going farther east, many tourists like to travel to Prince Edward Island and visit the house that the book, Anne of Green Gables , was based on.

Friendly People

Canadians are known through the world for their friendliness and their civility. They are a very welcoming people who will help to make any tourist feel immediately at home. For tourists visiting from the United States, the only real difference you will notice is the money and, possibly, that many of Canada's metropolitan areas are very clean.

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