Get your traveller profile

Not sure where to go next? Amsterdam, Tokyo or hiking the Darien Gap? Take our travel test and find out what kind of traveler you are and where you should go - and where you shouldn't...

1. You find a mouse in your cereal box. What do you do?

Throw away the mouse, but eat the cereal anyway
Eat both; mice are very nutricious
Move to a hotel for a few days, call sanitation, never eat cereal again

2. You don't feel like cooking. What do you do?

Raid the fridge, eat that little blue thingy that has been there for weeks
Go to a Chinese restaurant that only has a menu in Chinese and point to something on the menu hoping it's not the name of the owner (or his dog)
Go to that sushi place that's the new craze; eat and drink sake until you reach your credit card limit

3. What's your favourite way to spend a free afternoon

I spend my time in the garden, I love plants
A 6 hour non stop shopping spree
Inline skating in the park
I go to the library to get a book on hiking on Papua New Guinea; hope to go there next year

4. One of your best friends will be taking a round-a-world trip. What do you give him on a farewell party.

Some good advice on the best bars in Manilla, and the bars he should avoid in Panama City
I bring along booze, cause we are gonna party
I give him a picture of the two of us, taken when we were in highschool.

5. Where do you head for first in the zoo?

I head for the monkey, they are sooo funny
The panthers; I remember running into one when we were hiking in the Amazone jungle.
I go to the butterflies, I've been an active collector since fourth grade

6. You miss the last train home, what do you do?

I walk home; it's only some 25 kilometers
I try to hitch a ride home.
I look for a bar that stays open until the first train leaves
I take a taxi so that I can sleep in my own bed
I find a decent hotel, stay the night and spend the next morning shopping

7. What's the last time you went to a museum?

Yesterday. I try to go at least once every two weeks.
I was during my last trip abroad; when I am on holiday I visit at least one museum
A few years ago when we went to London, we visited the British museum; it was okay
In highschool; we had to...