History in Cardiff

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Cardiff's Roman History

Cardiff was inhabited by Prehistorical settlers, but things didn't really get going until the Romans invaded England at the beginning of the first century CE and helped themselves to a sizable portion of what is now England and most of Wales. They built the first Cardiff castle in AD43, on the site of the present castle at the top of St Mary Street.

The Welsh name for Cardiff, Caerdydd, dates from this period - coming from the name of the Roman General Aulus Didius - "Caerdidi", meaning "the Fort of Didius"

Cardiff's Norman History

Nothing much really happened of significance for the next 1000 years, until the Normans invaded England in 1066, before the turn of the century, Cardiff Castle was being rebuilt on it's Roman foundations and a small town grew up around it.

The Industrial Revolution

Cardiff stayed a small town until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. In the 1790s, a canal was built linking Cardiff to Merthyr Tydfil, and soon after a port was built. This marked the being of a massive explosion in population in both towns; an when Merthyr finished expanding in size, Cardiff had just begun, recieving coal from all the South Wales valleys, reaching its peak in 1913.

Cardiff was granted city status in 1913, and in 1955 it was declared that it would be the Capital of Wales.

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