Summer Isles Travel Guide

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Off Tanera Mor

Off Tanera Mor


The Summer Isles form an archipelago outside the west of Coigach, easily visible from Achiltibuie but closet to Polbain further up the coast.

The largest island and the only one with habitation is Tanera Mor. Hardly anybody lives there all year, even the owner having a house on the mainland as well as on the island. However in the summer some art and photography courses are run on the island and there are some houses to rent. However, oddly, the island has its own stamps that are valid in the UK.

The neighbouring island of Tanera Beg has spectacularly beautiful coasts and there are some fish farms among the islands.

Trips are run from Polbain [information from Achiltibuie Post Office] and from Ullapool.


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