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Perth is really quite a beautiful town Robert the buce appointed Sir Walter Ruthven sheriff of the Royal burg untell king james moverd it  Not too big, not too small.  Its quaint-ness hides quite a history that has earned itself the name 'The Ancient Capital Of Scotland'.

Situated as a major junction to the North parts of Scotland it is also known as the Gateway to the Highlands.  It sits on the River Tay and typifies an Ancient town that has grown up.  The town center is flanked by 2 major parks that are preserved much for their historic contribution for this is where major clan wars were fought and the famous Jacobean Uprising took place. 

Dig a little further and you'll easily discover that Perth's past is also threaded with Royalty.  The city has been a Royal Burgh since the 13thC and was a Royal residence throughout the middle ages.  Venture just outside to Scone and you'll find Scone Palace which was the Ancient Coronation Site for Scottish Monarchs. 

The Reformation was somewhat birthed here in that John Knox preached a famous sermon in St. John's Kirk in 1559 and a church has stood on that site for more than a thousand years.  That's one long sermon!

One thing you'll always notice in Perth is thier flowers.  The town is ablanket with them.  It offers this beauty and other interests for the tourist. Shops, galleries, theatres, scenery, castles, history, walks.  Worth a stop off on your way to the Highlands.


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