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Skara Brae House (Reconstructed)

Skara Brae House (Reconstructed)

Joseph Hollick

A wonderful Jewel of Scotland in the North Sea, The Orkney Isles are by far some of the most remote, but pleasurable, islands in Scotland. If you seek solitude but friendly and outgoing people this is the area to visit. From the ring of Brodgar, Standing Stones of Stennes, Maes Howe Tomb, and Tomb of the Eagles, to the city centers of Kirkwall and Stromness, Orkney is a relaxing and solitary hot spot for tourism.

The Orkneys are a series of islands in the northernmost reaches of Scotland. The county to the south is Caithness with numerous ancient tombs, standing stones, and ancient dwellings called "brochs." The ferry to the main island in the Orkneys departs from and returns to Caithness.

Skara Brae one of the oldest human settlement in the world is located the main island of the Orkneys.

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