Gardenstown Travel Guide

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Gardenstown from the west

Gardenstown from the west

Stanley Bruce (Bard O' Buchan)

Gardenstown is a fishing settlement, on the north Aberdeenshire coast.  Great views of cliffs and the Moray Firth from here.  There is a footpath to the east which takes you to the wonderful fishing village of Crovie (Pronounced Crivie), Crovie has no roads only a small path between the houses and the sea.  The houses are gable end to the sea and generally painted this was the fashion when built in the early 19th century to give some protection from the sea in rough weather.  To the west of Gardenstown there is a beach and a path which takes you up the cliff to the site of St John's church, there has been a church at this spot for over 1,000 years.  Gardenstown is a small place but does have a Hotel / pub, a couple of cafes and an art shop.  


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