Fort William Travel Guide

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Ft. William

Ft. William

Detlef vom Hofe

This is a fair sized town by the standards of north Scotland and it is probably easier to find somewhere to stay here without planing than anywhere else around. The town is basically a hiking/mountaineering/outdoor sports centred town, with plenty shops catering for anyone of your desires in those fields.

It is the start (or end, depending on the direction on takes) to several well known multiple day hikes, such as the West Highland Way (Glasgow-Fort William, 5-7days going through the wildest parts of scotland) or the Great Glen Way (Fort William-Inverness, 4-6days going past the largest lochs(lakes) in scotland)

Or for shorter jurneys there are plenty hills around with varying slopes and distances, including the famous Ben Nevis (the highest in the United Kingdom), which takes normally 4hours to get up to the top and bit less to get down (it is a easy climb, but dangerous as it gets very cold and misty and windy at the top, get a map and a compass before attempting to go up), but if you want something less energetic, you could always have a boat trip on Loch Linnhe.


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