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Port Errol harbour Cruden Bay April 2005

Port Errol harbour Cruden Bay April 2005

Stanley Bruce (Bard O' Buchan)

Cruden Bay was originally known as ‘Ward of Crudane’ and the name was derived from ‘Slaughter of the Danes’.   A great battle took place here in 1012 where King Malcolm II of Scotland ’s army defeated the army of King Canute of Denmark .   After the battle the Scot’s and the Danes jointly built a kirk near the beach where the dead invaders were buried.   The kirk was dedicated to St Olaf the patron saint of Denmark and Norway , and King Canute agreed not to attack Scotland ever again, which he reneged upon when he attacked Fife in 1031.   The baptismal font from the original church (1012 A.D.) was brought to the nearby St James church on Chapel Hill in the 1960’s where it exists to this day.   King Canute later became king of England (1014), king of Denmark (1018), and king of Norway (1030).  

The village was renamed Port Erroll when the Earl of Erroll funded the building of the new harbour 1875 to 1880’s.   The name was then changed again in 1924 to Cruden Bay .

There was a RNLI  lifeboat station here from 1876 to 1921, three lifeboats were used during this period.   ‘The Ladies Bridge ’ was built from wood and was funded by a local group of ladies in 1922 hence the name.

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Bard O' Buchan Vol 1 by Stanley Bruce ISBN 0-9547960-2-0


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