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Crovie 25 March 2007

Crovie 25 March 2007

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Untamed and beautiful, Scotland is located in northern Europe and is bounded by the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and England. Its almost the size of England, but most of its landmass is composed of moorlands, mountains and about 800 islands.

Scotland was inhabited by hunter-gatherers around 6,000 years ago but by the 7th century, the region was a warring mix of Norse invaders, Scots, Picts, Beakers, Britons and Anglo-Saxons. Several wars were fought as the movement for Scottish independence from British supremacy gained momentum. The Industrial Revolution brought prosperity to the towns and cities, especially in the south, but the global depression of the 1930s struck a mortal blow to the country's economy.

Edinburgh , with its romantic castle, set atop an extinct volcanic plug, is one of the best cities in Europe. Calton Hill, with various important monuments, and the massive rocky cliffs of Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags, provide a scenic backdrop to the city. Two miles from the city centre is the historic port of Leith where you can visit The Royal Yacht Britannia. Nearby is Glasgow , has much to offer a discerning tourist.

You can visit the Glasgow Cathedral, Burrell Collection, St Mungo's Museum of Religious Life and Art and the 15th-century Provand's Lordship or take a walk through the majestic structures of the 18th-century Merchant City. More recently sports historians have come to realise that Glasgow is the capital of world football, The world's first international was held here in 1872. Every country then adopted the 'Scotch Professors' passing and running style. The Scottish Football Museum at the National Stadium, Hampden Park has the world's best collection for all enthusiasts.

Aberdeenshire known by some as 'The Great North East Corner' has a wonderful coastline with long stretches of beach, cliffs such as the 'Bullers of Buchan' and 'Troup Head' packed with birds such as gannets and puffins.  Secluded fishing villages such as 'Pennan', 'Crovie', and Cruden Bay.  Castles by the dozen some such as Fyvie and Hatton you can even stay in for your holidays. Then there is the fishing towns of Fraserburgh, Banff, Macduff and Peterhead full of friendly folk eager to have a chat, many of these communities have relatives all over the world; Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand in particular.  The heritage of the picts and earlier Druids is there to see with around 100 stone circles scattered around Grampian.  Many things to see and do find out more in this site. 

The medieval town of St. Andrews was once the ecclesiastical capital of the country. However, golfing is its only religion today, with golfers from all over the world thronging the world's most famous golf course in the town. Another destination worth exploring is Aberdeen , a veritable symphony in granite. The bewitching Inner Hebrides, located on the country's western coast, is the perfect locale to round up your trip to Scotland.

The highlands of Scotland are perfect for cycling while Aviemore, Glencoe, Nevis, Glenshee, The Lecht, and the Nevis Range are ideal for skiing. The Scottish Bens (Mountains) are also famous for an activity called Munro Bagging, for mountaineers it is well worth trying. You may also undertake a trip to the world famous Loch Ness for an encounter with Nessie, the monster.

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