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Scarborough has been attracting tourists for over 3 centuries and it's no surprise that the seaside resort town is still mesmerizing visitors today. The town has 2 distinct districts. The mostly untouched part of the town, North Bay, rises almost 70 meters above sea level and is complete with limestone cliffs. The older section of the city, South Bay, resides around the harbor. There are residential communities, a large fishing industry, and a growing creative force that are incorporated into all parts of Scarborough.

Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is located on the land between North Bay and South Bay. It is used as a landmark to separate the two districts and also a popular site to view while in Scarborough. The castle was first built in the 1130s and has undergone a renovation in 1985. Today the castle and the grounds can be toured. The view from the castle, placed perfectly atop the limestone cliffs and overlooking the harbor below, is incredible. It is a must-see attraction in Scarborough. Admission to the castle will cost roughly 5 euros and operating times vary depending upon the time of year. Parking is available and a shuttle can transport you back to the castle.

North Bay

The North Bay is relatively not as commercialized as other parts of Scarborough. It is the more peaceful side of the town and has much less tourist activity than the South Bay. The North Bay is more popular with locals, but still has some interesting sites for travelers to enjoy. Peasholm Park, which is a popular Japanese-themed area in Scarborough, is especially nice to visit. Mock maritime battles and fireworks take place here during the summer months. The railway and many main forms of transportation in Scarborough are located in this section of the resort town.

South Bay

The South Bay was the original site of Scarborough's medieval settlement. Tourism is exceedingly higher in this district. Sandy white beaches and history seem to draw in visitors.  Many hotels can be found in this section of Scarborough and the historic Spa is nearby. It hosts many live shows and operas and there are also many restaurants, entertainment facilities, and arcades along the harbor. The atmosphere is enjoyable and it's wonderful place to have eat ice cream and take a stroll along the beach. Families will especially like the South Bay.


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