Windsor Travel Guide

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The town of Windsor goes back to ancient times, but it is most noted for its working Castle that was built in 1075. There is a great deal more to see in town including art, museums, and gardens.

Windsor Castle

The Queen of England sometimes stays at Windsor Castle and you can tell because the royal standard (flag) will be flying if she is there. Tours are available and the Changing of the Guard occurs daily to every two days around 11:00 am. 


Guildhall and Windsor Parish Church are next to each other on High Street. Guildhall was built by Sir Christopher Wren who incorporated the large pillars in the front even though they do not support anything and have large gaps between them and the roof. At this time towns had edicts that insisted the buildings have pillars and Wren designed the hall this way as a joke. The church was built originally in 1084 but was replaced in 1822.

Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park is behind the castle and includes the “Long Walk” running from the Castle to the Copper Horse statue, Virginia Water Lake and the Savill Gardens.  This is a five mile walk and worth every step. The gardens are famous for the rhododendrons in the spring but other flora and fauna are available any time of year.  There is a nominal fee to get in to the gardens. 

Legoland Windsor

If you have children do not miss Legoland Windsor where the plastic brick is located throughout. Admission is £22 for adults and £19 for children. 

Boat Tours

There are several boat tours that go up the river past several sites of interest including the castle, Eton College and Monkey Island that run about £7.


There are few shopping centers in town, but Peascod Street has many different fashion boutiques. In that area you can find other specialty shops that make chocolate and sell unique gifts. Across from the castle is Windsor Royal Station Shopping Center where you can find all kinds of shops and cafes and a new shopping center, King Edward Court Center has just about everything in it.


Restaurants and pubs abound in Windsor and some are relatively cheap while others can be expensive. You can find many different cuisines as well as burger shops or fish and chip vendors. Cuisines available are English, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Portuguese, and more. 


Hotels near the castle will be rather expensive but if you go out a little further you can find some nice cheaper hotels and guest houses. You can spend anywhere between £25 to £200 per night. There is something that will fit into your budget easily in Windsor. 

Windsor is a great location for a vacation if you want to see a quaint English town with royal ties. 

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