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Previously the capital of England, Winchester offers an endless list of things to see and do. This triumphant and majestic city is home to Southern Englands greatest Cathedral. Winchester Cathedral only endured slight damage through the World wars and stands proudly today as Winchetser's finest landmark. The admission is free but donations to the church are encouraged. Also on the beautiful Cathedral grounds is where the under rated Winchester museum is held. This thrilling, interesting and free experience is well worth a chunk of a day trip in Winchester. During the early summertime, there is a festive, colourful and joyful fair which attracts visitors from far and wide. The Hat fair celebrates traditional and original types of theatre as well as markets selling merchandise such as hats, tops, and shoes. The people of Winchester march up the high streets in outrageous costumes for the whole two days of the festival.

Winchester is also home to a popular eary replica of King Henry the 8th round table. This is hidden at the top of the city high street in the marvellous Great Hall. Amongst all of the glory is a building which will amaze you beyond beleif. The Westgate is the only remaing artefact of Winchester castle. It still astounds inhabitants of Winchester today as it stands proudly at the top of the high street.

The high street is a marvel of shops and restaurants which will use up most of your daytrip in Winchester as  the temptation is irrisistable. Along the high streets there are also a number of historic monuments which are worth taking a look at such as the Buttercross and the Winchester clock.  The markets are open everyday but prepare to be dissapointed by them for the lack of choice is vulgar. however just down the road from that is the antiques market which offers the likes of collectables to dolls houses.  This is often a favourrite with teenagers due to the cheap but delightful products.

If the shopping and the history is not to your taste then the entertainment part of Winchester is for you. Near the top of Winchester is the Screen cinema where you can whatch box office hits in peace and tranquility. Also there is the inhabitants favourite, the River park. Here there are dance classes, swimming pools, saunas, playgroups, gym halls, football pitches, badminton courts and more than you can imagine in terms of sport.

The 60,000 people who live here will welcome and guide you around this wonder of a city. It only takes a day trip to visit all the hidden treasures so if you come by the Winchetser trains or by bus be sure to visit all essentials of this complete city.  


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